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The music of INNER

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Music is a really important pillar and key feature when it comes to making video games, it just not only set the mood for an Environment or a scene, but can translate a project’s soul into something you can actually feel.

While we work on INNER we stumble across a big challenge, making music that will resemble our big inspirations, we are huge fans of 80s Anime, such as Akira and Ghost in the Shell, and we wanted the music to portraits that, since INNER takes a lot of inspiration from them while also being unique and new.

Today we have a special interview with Oscar, a Swedish film music composer, that is also in charge of the game score

Q: What is special about doing music for INNER?

O: INNER’s graphic style and narrative has a a very clear mood. This is essential for me as a composer. Lot of emotional content that I can draw from. It helps me a lot when creating the music world for the game. It def has a minimalistic ”cyber punk” vibe, somewhat akin to Ghost in a Shell, Neuromancer etc.

Q:What has inspired you in your career?

O:A lot of stuff:) Films, games, music. But my main driving force is to be a part of creating new ”worlds” and concepts. Music and sound can do so much in helping the audience connect emotionally with the content.

Q:What drives you to continue working with what you do?

O:I just love making music and working with people. Also I have so much I want to learn. Every new project you work on you learn something new.

Q:Is it difficult to create music for INNER? How is the process?

O:Again, since the mood is so well thought out, it’s easier. Obviously there are many routes to take when it comes to making music for any project. But together with Isaac and the team, I tried a few different options and landed in something that I think really works well with the vibe of the game. I send demos and then we bounce feedback back and forth until we reach something that we are all happy with.

Q:What are your top 3 games?

O:Haha, only 3?! Well ok…. maybe Metal Gear Solid 1, Silent Hill 2 and Diablo 3. I also love Cities Skylines!:) And I have played a LOT of the games from the GTA series.

We are really happy to have Oscar on the project, he really nails it when it comes to show the game soul trough his music.

Isaac Cortissoz – Game’s Director.

Here is “HUMAN” made by Oscar, if you haven’t checked it yet go and take a look at it!